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Bullet Proof Shield Test

A Tried and True Family Protector

Feel confident in any situation with a tactical ballistic shield from American Personal Shields Inc. Our products are made to withstand an NIJ IIIA threat level. This means it can protect you from a .44 magnum shooting at 1,400 feet per second. Our business is dedicated to providing civilian ballistic shield selections that are efficient, portable, and lightweight. Read more about our test to discover more about our products.

Pistol Gun Bullets

Ballistic Shield Test

The purpose of our ballistic shield test was to illustrate the effectiveness of your shield. It does not matter that it is lightweight and affordable, it is able to work efficiently. For our test, we fired a total of three rounds from the 9mm handgun and one round from the .45 caliber handgun. To simulate the shield in real life, we custom built a wooden stand with a target of a human shape at 5'10" above the ground to make this target more lifelike.

Test Details

The first shot was done with a 9mm hollow point bullet from about 15 feet in front of the target. The bullet got lodged into the front of the shield and did not penetrate. The second and third shots were also done with a 9mm handgun, except this time we used a regular round. The shots were again done from about 15 feet in front of the target. The results were the same as the first shot; the bullet was lodged into the front of the shield with no penetration.

Larger Caliber Tests

Now it was time to test the shield against a .45 caliber handgun. This shot was also done from about 15 feet away from the target. Upon contact, the shield moved slightly when the bullet was smashed against the front of the shield. The .45 caliber bullet flattened out and fell to the ground. The bullet left a larger indentation into the shield than the 9mm bullets, but there was still no penetration.

After Results

We took the shield down from the custom-made target to get a closer look on the back of the shield. You see the indentations from where the bullets hit the shield, but there were no penetrations. You see the fibers of the ballistic material on the front side of the shield where each bullet made contact. Overall, we were very pleased with the results. We have full confidence that your ballistic shield stands up to the NIJ IIIA threat level that it's rated for.

Test Purpose

The main purpose of our test was to make sure that we eliminated any doubts about our product not working for any potential customers. We captured the whole test on video which can be viewed here.

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