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Personal Lightweight Bulletproof Shield

Stop A Fired Round from an Intruder with Lightweight Personal Bulletproof Shield

Feel safe and secure by having NIJ IIIA approved your own personal lightweight bullet proof shield handy to protect you and your family from any assailants. Get true family protection with your lightweight personal ballistic shield from American Personal Shields Inc., servicing nationwide.

Your Personal Bulletproof Shield

If you're concerned about a heavy shield look no further. At only about 8 pounds, your new lightweight bulletproof shield is portable and easy to use and store. With Lightweight Bullet Proof Shield, protect your vital areas behind the shield that measures 30 inches tall by 20 inches wide. With your personal bulletproof shield, you stand up against any assailant for real family security. The bullet proof shield has comfortable padding and adjustable strap for your forearm to securely fit. It's also equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap to it across your back while on the go. Have the peace of mind in knowing your lightweight bulletproof shield is both handy and offers true protection.

Bullet Proof Shield Customization

Make the bullet proof shield your own and feature a custom vinyl design on the front surface. Whether it's your family coat of arms, a company logo, or a custom message, let us know and we can design it for you! With a unique design you may just want to hang it on the wall to serve both as an art piece and make it quickly accessible at a time of need.

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