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American Personal Shields

About Us

American Personal Shields Inc., servicing nationwide, is excited to offer protection via home defense shield, lightweight personal shield to anybody that feels vulnerable. With experience working in an ER, our co-founder was witness to the horror of gunshot wounds, which sparked his imagination to come up with the idea of offering true protection for the average American family through home defense shield. We have a passion for making people feel safe and more secure with lightweight personal ballistic shield. We developed our lightweight ballistic shield as a means to increase your sense of security by giving you a tool to defend your family against any home intruders or other threats. There is no other place anyone would rather be than behind a lightweight personal bulletproof shield when an armed intruder enters your home. If you don't like having guns in your home but need family protection our shield is right for you.

Your Personal Bulletproof Shield

If you are concerned about a heavy shield, look no further. At only about eight pounds, your new lightweight bulletproof shield for home defense is portable and easy to use and store. With your personal 30”x20” bulletproof shield, you stand up against any assailant for real family security. This product has comfortable padding and adjustable strap for your forearm to securely fit. It is also equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can take it with you.

Bullet Proof Shield Customization

Make your personal defense shield unique and add a custom vinyl design on the front surface. Whether it is your family coat of arms, a company logo, or a custom message, let us know and we can design it for you. With this design, you may want to hang it on the wall to serve both as an art piece and make it accessible when necessary.

Protect Yourself with a Lightweight Ballistic Shield

Imagine needing home protection and not having it. Here at American Personal Shields Inc., we understand that keeping your family safe is priority number one, just as it is with our own family. This is the reason why we developed our top-grade lightweight ballistic shield. With your level III personal civilian ballistic shield, you will stand a better chance at surviving a fired round. It is a tried and tested professional-grade home defense shield for true family protection that is good enough for the public sector such as schools and even police.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

If a buyer chooses to videotape a test shooting off the shield using a handgun chambered with regular bullets of 45 calibers or less and documents penetration of the personal defense shield, we will refund the buyer if the video and shield are sent to us. Please note that this test should be performed at 10 feet or further. Furthermore, you should only do this test if it does not put humans or animals at risk. No guarantee of shield performance in actual use is offered. The seller assumes no liability.


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